Pay Attention


Isaiah 28:23


Isaiah is known as a one of the great messianic prophets of the Old Testament.  In fact, he says more about Christ than any other book of the Old Testament.  During this time, Isaiah is warning the Nation of their neglect of God, they were no longer paying attention to God.  The judgment that God was bringing and that which Isaiah is warning about, was meant to get their attention.

Is God trying to get your attention?  Perhaps He has been doing things in your life to put you in a place where you can see Him more clearly.  To bring you to your knees, so to say, so that you will have to look up at Him and stop relying on other things for your hope.  God is not any different today than He was in the day of Isaiah and the events of this passage.  He is still trying to get our attention, because He wants to be God in all our life and not just some of it.

In in the remaining few sections I would like to share with you three areas that we should be paying attention to God in.

The first area is that He is calling you to know Him as Savior and Lord.    Many people know things about Jesus and might even know some of the Bible but do they know Jesus as the provider of their salvation, their redeemer, the substitution for their sin.  The one that is the guarantor of their salvation.  The question is do you know Him as your Savior and Lord and if you say you do then are you living like it.

The next area that God is calling us to pay attention in, is do we really love Him?  In this moment of history, the Nation of Israel is not being a good steward of the love God has shown them and commanded them to show to others.  God wants us to learn to love Him in a way that shows up in the way we love others.  You can say you love Him but do you show in your actions?  If you truly love Him then, you can’t help but to show that love for others.

The final area is that we should be serving Him.  If we truly are learning to know Him as our Savior and Lord then we will be able to learn to love Him and those around us, which will then lead to our desire to serve Him.  As believers who have committed their lives to living our purpose out under the direction of the Father, we should all be committed to service.  This is using the spiritual gifts, passions and opportunities that God has blessed us with in serving His Kingdom Work through our service of others.  Remember, for the believer in a right relationship with the Father it should be a natural part of our life to find ways to serve, this is a mark of the Holy Spirit’s place in our life.

Again, the message is a simple but a profound call from Isaiah to each of us today that we should be paying attention to our heavenly Father, are you?

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