You Matter to God!

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Matthew 10:29-31 (NASB) 29  Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. 30  But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31  So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows

In this passage we find one of the most remarkable statements or teachings from Jesus.  The truth is many in the world today struggle with the question of whether they matter, do they have meaning or do they bring meaning to those around them. This includes the churches, jobs, families and even the relationships that we hold.  Do we really matter?  The simple answer is yes, you do matter.  God created you with both meaning and purpose, in His image.  You matter to God.  So much so that He desires you, He wants to have a relationship with you and for you to know Him and see and experience His love for you.  In a world that disputes this, by telling us that you only matter if you look a certain way or are from a certain place or accomplish certain things, we find this important but life changing truth from Jesus and His Word to us.

In Matthew 10 we find Jesus having a meeting with the disciples, He calls them together and after some preliminary instructions, in verse 16 He begins to tell them of the hard road ahead, the struggle that they will face as followers of Jesus.  It is in verse 24 that we see him make the statement of what discipleship is and that they should not expect to be treated any differently than He was treated.  The point here is that true discipleship has a high price, to be a disciple or to be discipled we are essentially learning to put our faith into practice, to give Him more of our life each day.  Then in verse 29 we see Jesus tell His disciples about their value as he compares them to the sparrow.  It is interesting that during a discussion about discipleship and service as a believer that He mentions this truth regarding our value.  It is not by mistake that He makes this comparison.  The disciples and you and I as well need to understand that we will be attacked by the enemy and all measures will be attempted to trip us or distract us from God and our service to Him, we must be confident in who we are and what we have been created for and by whom we were created.

In the remaining part of this article I want to explore the question, if we matter to God then how should we live our life?

If we matter to God and have value in His eyes, then we should remember who He is, His sovereignty.  He is in charge or control of everything.  If we believe this then we will live with an assurance that we have value and God has created value in all of us and He knows our value.  He has a desire to use us for His Kingdom work.  This means that if God is sovereign then He has a plan and a purpose for you and the life that we have and the talents and gifts that He has blessed us with.  That even means the experiences that we experience God wants to use for His purpose.

Next, if God has created us with meaning then we must live each day with that since of purpose and meaning.  Knowing that God can and will use us each day; if we will let Him take control of our lives, take control of each part of our life and use it for His purpose.  By doing this we will begin to see how God has created us for purpose and how that purpose will be used for Him and His Kingdom work.  Let me say this, as a believer our identity is found in Him and should be only found in Him.  Not in what the world might say is important or necessary to have a meaningful life but rather it is found in the fact that He created you and me in His image and for His purpose.

The final part of this truth that should impact the way we live our life if we believe we matter to God is that we can live with confidence in our daily life.  This is not some type of arrogance or oversized ego booster, but rather the humbling truth that if God is sovereign which He is, and we matter to Him then we can know without a doubt that we live under His hand of protection every moment of every day.  This brings confidence that we should live life with a sense of boldness and assurance that we are His and we have meaning in His eyes.  This is not to say that we will not have bad things happen to us or around us, but rather we have the confidence that God is with us no matter what we may go through.

As we wrap this up, let me again say, if you believe all that we have said in this article then why are you not trusting Him?  Why do you doubt Him and the meaning and value that He has created you with?  Why are you letting the world dictate to you or set a price tag on you for what they think you are worth.  The truth is God and your value in His eyes is all that really matters.  Live with boldness because you matter to God!

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