How to Pray for Our Leaders

man-in-worship-christian-stock-photo1 Tim 2:1-8

In Paul’s first letter to young Timothy the pastor at Ephesus he reminds him of what and how to pray.  This becomes an important lesson for both the believer and the church in what and how they should pray as well and especially in regards to our leaders, even including our national leaders.

Here are two specific areas that we need to pray as we lift our leaders up and third point that serves as a challenge to us as we do this.

Pray for their salvation

In verse 3 of this passage he tells us that God wants all people to be saved.  This then should be one of the first things that we should pray for when praying for our leaders.  Do you believe that God can transform a person’s heart, that He can bring change in their life?   He did so in your life and will do so in the life of anyone that will surrender to Him.   Remember what God did in Paul’s life as he let God change Him (Acts 9:1-9).  We may never get the opportunity to share the Gospel with a leader and especially someone in a national level of leadership.  But we can pray that God sends someone, to be an agent and messenger in their life to bring the good news to them so they too can repent and accept Christ as Messiah and let Him be Lord of their life.  We should pray for the salvation of our leaders.

Pray for their knowledge of the Truth

The next part of what Paul tells us to pray for in our leaders, comes from verse 3 as well, and is the ability for them to know the truth and to have a knowledge of the truth.  What is the truth that Paul talks of here, it is the knowledge of the truth of God’s Word and His Will?  We not only should pray that they be saved but further that they grow in their understanding of their faith so much that they have a deeper, increasing knowledge of God’s Will.  We should pray that they would be guided by this Will and be sensitive to it.  This is something that we could pray for all believers as they live their lives and grow in their faith.

Pray that we will live Godly and Holy lives

This final area is less of something we are commanded to pray for about our leaders, but is in regards to a choice we must make.  It is interesting in verse 2 before we are given the charge of how and what to pray for he reminds us to pursue Godliness and Holiness and that no leader can keep us from this and should never be an excuse for us not to do this.  We make a personal choice to live at peace and to exhibit quietness in the way we live our lives.  It is too often that we like to vilify those who have leadership over us.  What God wants us to do is, in lieu of all the things that may happen or not happen we must choose to pursue Godliness and Holiness.  While oppressive governments may make laws to limit the church and work of the Kingdom they will never be able to stop the power and the work of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life.  This includes the life of our leaders as well as in your life, as a believer.

It is not easy sometimes to pray for our leaders especially if we disagree with them, but God is clear that our hope is in found in Him and only Him there is nothing else.  However, we are commanded to pray for these leaders, when you pray for someone it can change the way you see them and even can cause you to love them enough to want to see God glorified in them and through them.

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